March 21, 2019

First day of SPRING!!   didn’t feel like it.  rained this morning till noon and i never really got warm.  had legging on under jeans and several shirts with sweatshirt on top of that.  when i took Winston for a walk about dark i put on my carhart and a scarf!  i finally got warmed up after a mile.  He’s so funny he found a dead squirrel in the road and had to have it. he carried it the rest of the walk!

I got home from CA mid afternoon yesterday.  flight should have left at 8:10 but didn’t leave till almost 9:30.  with one very fussy sometimes screaming child behind and sweet baby one row behind me and to my right. I prayed and prayed after almost 4 hours i wanted to give the mother a lesson in parenting.  sweet lady.  amazing dad sat and held the 4-5 month old.    she just did not realize she had trained her child to act that way and was continuing to reinforce unwanted behavior with reward instead of being the one in charge. but we made it.

I had SUCH a good time in CA.  it was amazing.  i took several video!!  up on the You Tube Channel.  of the lemon groves and avocado trees.  I adored my friend’s 2 grand daughters and got to be with them all day Monday.  what a treat! I even got to go to horse back riding lesson as the oldest was out of school that day.  Sunday night I had played with the three year old (very much a princess).  and read her a book before she went to bed. ahahah got accused of ‘getting my granny on’  and i was!!  what a delightful child.  the next morning when she saw me she run to me and jumped to be picked up.  those delightful moments you feel God’s love and are so trilled to be a part of God’s good world.  I couldn’t have had a better time!!  they treated me like royalty! and their home was amazing so grand and decorated from TX ahahaha with cow hides on the floor.  it was warm and sunny and we got to spend a lot of the day outside.  I love being outside.  I got to meet several of her employees and saw her operation.  talk about First Class!!  I was thoroughly impressed with her operation.  and more impressed with this lovely fierce  woman.  I was very grateful to have the opportunity to meet her and her husband and their family.  Her husband is a chief and oh can he cook!!  If you ever want a Golden Retriever in sunny CA see Golden Meadows.   I couldn’t say enough good things about them.  and toying with the idea of raising Goldens.  hummmmm  we shall see.

It was so warm and so wonderful yesterday when I got home.  but my day well…. i ended up with Tracey my help in the ER.  we had an older neutered male here i had not personally raised and he got food aggressive over fresh bones Tim and Tracey had fed that morning as Tim was cutting up a cow.  Thank God Tim was close as this boy was not letting Tracey go.  and that to me is the tipping point.  you don’t get a second chance.  We put him down.  it’s so heart breaking for everyone involved.  I guess i share this because i can not stress enough that early training with food to not allow dogs to ‘guard’ food.  crazy thing was this boy didn’t “guard’ when he was eating kibble. but kibble and fresh meat are two different things.  the meat didn’t make him mean.  it was just worth fighting for so he thought.   I guess as a breeder of a working guard dogs the truth is these guys ARE powerful enough to kill someone.  early  training and socialization AND not spoiling dog is important.  .  That is never allow dog to think they are in charge or calling the shots. it does not work with a bulllmastiff.   Never allow the dog to guard food or push children around.  as a puppy practice taking food out of their mouth. THEN Give them something better.  don’t take food away and make them go without. teach them to give THEN  there is something better coming. Teach them to take food politely from your hand.  There is not a dog here i can’t feed Raw meat with my hands and go into their mouth and take it away from them also.   they must learn to respect humans.  this does not effect their ability to guard their humans if the need ever arose but it does ensure a safer dog to be around.   And I can’t state this Too much DO NOT TEASE your dog!  do not offer them something then not allow them to have it.  that is teasing.  don’t aggravate your dog.  it’s not funny to them. it’s disrespectful and it will come back to haunt you.

Any way Tracey  has three broken bones in right hand and stitches in her neck.  and right arm.  But she’s pretty amazing.  she’s a  tuff bird!!  I’m proud of they way she has handled this.  text tonight asking about some of the dogs.  She does love them and takes excellent care of them.  I just keeping praising God it wasn’t any worse. AND this has once again helped me see i need to do more training  video.  I think i’ve owned well over a hundred bullmastiffs maybe more.  it’s not a difficult thing for me to know what position to get in to teach them the rules of appropriate living.  but i understand it doesn’t come easy for everyone.  and as a breeder I could do more to help my puppy owner succeed.

SO i did Layla and Bunny ultra sound today.  Layla is FULL of puppies. Bunny would be too but it appeared some were being re- absorbed.   I wish i knew the answer to this.   We feed them so good.  I just don’t understand why this is happening.    Layla’s name is “She’s Full of Diamonds”   ahahah and she is!!  so my nice time off will come to an end April 19th.    PREPARE for puppies!!!  ahahah  ok.

Can’t think of any more new news. i uploaded video of the house i think from last wk. sister in KC wanted to know how it was coming so i did video.  it’s coming along.  every wk.  moving forward.

oh Piper Bunny sister is in heat.  i’ll bred her to Deion also.   I had Deion at vet today and his sperm looks AMAZING!  i’m so in love with this boy.  he’s such a good boy.   I had Brene with me also and took her in the little Thrift shop i like to find stuff animals for the puppies.  the lady that runs the place is always seeing me with young up and coming dogs.  so i took Deion in to meet her.  it’s SO nice to have a well behaved dog on the end of the lead!

Headed to Claremore to that dog show next wk. Five days.  five dogs!  oh boy and 6 for Tonya.  i’ve been walking trying to get back in some kind of shape!  looking to finish Tandy and Taffy over there.  taking Chip and Kaboodle for the experience.  I should have signed up for Ft Worth this weekend but Tim only wants me gone so much.  I was in St Louis with Becky Friday and Sat seeing the grand kids and delivering puppies.  and flew out to CA on Sunday.    always good to be home to my wonderful husband!   off to bed with me.  oh i’m reading a new book.  Beni Johnson The Power of communion.  it’s SO good.  i didn’t realize it just came out.  i just got it last wk and about done with it.  I’ve been focusing on endeavoring  to take communion daily during this 40 days.  i’ve only missed a couple of times.  Tim joined me  last night and again this morning.  :+}  Beni says in one place this thought popped into her head “Every time you take Communion you remind the devil of his failure.”   how powerful it that thought!  and it’s just a sweet time to be grateful and quiet before the Lord.    I do not understand how we could not be eternally grateful for the price Father God paid for us.  the truth is Jesus would rather die than live without you.  He does love you that much.






March11th 2019

I had SOOO much fun today! it was finally warm and sunny so I got Sunny out of his small pen and took him for a walk less than  mile down the rd to see his mother. all went well until we walked back and he decided he as we were almost home he didn’t wish to return to his pen.  I had 22 foot line on him and he still got away from me.  he run all the way back down to where his mother was pastured.  so i walk back and collect him. but now he knows he can get away from me and i didn’t even try to hang on.  I let him go and just walked behind him and thought i would drive him home. it was a good plan. except the neighbors drive way.  he run UP the driving way and not down the road. So he was determined for me to get ahold of the end of that line.  he ended up in the neighbors old broken down sheep pen and was pretty easy to catch in there.   Tim saw all the trouble i was having so him and Granny got in her truck to come help. which i’m not saying i needed.  they didn’t really DO anything.  we got Sunny headed back down road toward our place and everything was going really good Until:  another drive way. down to Raegan house where i keep Harley.  and that was the end of that.  ahahah he ran around for another 30-45 minutes until i called Harley and Ace and put them into the small round pen and then just let Sunny run the fences.  Rae came out and we crossed the road and put Eva his mummy and Grace up so he couldn’t see them across the road/fence. but that didn’t help. by now there isn’t a dry place on him!  but oh NO you think he would let me catch him. NOT!  so i just let the little smarty pants run.  about an hour later he quieted himself enough to go talk to Harley and Ace and Rae helped me catch him and as soon as i did i dallied the rope around and huge well set post in the ground.  of course he thought I had the end of the rope and he was going to show me how i couldn’t hang onto him.  got himself a little lesson.  there was a great big oak tree with large branch about 10 foot in the air Rae and I tied an old cotton lead rope to with the snap just long enough to snap his halter to. (I had tied his rope halter so that i could release it with one pull of the end of a string)  by now his head and neck had to hurt from pulling on the well planted post.  i lead him just the few feet over to the cotton rope and snapped him to the tree and let him fight with the tree a while.  :+}  we only left him there an hr.  went inside totally wet with sweat. i think i had done 5 miles my now.  sorry phone is saying 4.8 miles and 11 floors (we live in the mountains)   yeah i’m feeling it tonight  all his pulling on me.  any way Rae and i took a break.  walked back up to my ‘house” barn that is. and called Granny for her Polaris  it’s a cool old lady 4 wheeler of a thing with wide bench seat in front and tiny truck bed in back.  Granny was game and drove right up and we headed down to hitch smarty pants to the Polaris and ‘lead’ him back to my house.  (ie old milk barn)   when i went to the truck he decided to have one more pulling fit.  poor thing is going to be sore tomorrow!   i got in passenger side of Polaris and just dallied the rope around the frame so that if he pulled back sideway i could let him go but gave me leverage so when he sat down on his butt he couldn’t pull the rope out of my hands.  Tim was driving and off we went.  stop start stop start stop start. ahahah the less than  1/2 mile back to our house. it was a great leading lesson for him!  my neck is feeling it tonight but it was a GREAT three hours of fun!!    finally got him securely back into his pipe fence pen with fresh hay and clean water tank Tracey scrubbed for him today.  then back down to let out Ace and Harley then on down to let out Grace and his mummy.

River threw in with me as he had 2 dead squirrels his mummy refused to cook for him but he knew i would.  they still had their feet on them. ahahah I kept telling him no need to wash them until you cut them feet off.  my little man (not so little any more!) was so happy to get them cooked up he eat them all. ahahaha he says they taste like chicken. we laughed and laughed.  Chicken of the tree!  I uploaded some video.  my little make shift kitchen in the old milking parlor.

Oh not sure I told you but i’m flying to CA on Sunday. SOOOO excited to meet these nice folks! and see what they do.  wish i was staying more than one day. they are only 25 miles from the ocean!!!  ohhh the Ocean!!  i need to fly down and see my Suzanne and Jack!  they would take me to the ocean!!  ahahaha

Going to run up to see Becky in St Louis Friday/Sat.  it will be a year since i’ve been up there.  can’t believe it’s been that long! we finally have a court date for September.  I know God’s got this!

My oldest is graduating colleges (10 years later) very proud of her and need to get my hotel room booked.  little over a month away!!!   she will be RN with tons of hours of nursing behind her.  she loves what she does.  I think she is planning on being in for Easter.  yah our dog show weekend.  haven’t made up my mind if i’m going to show dogs on Easter Sun or not. probably not.  not that you can’t love Jesus from the dog show but i LOVE Easter. it’s my most favorite holiday.  how could i not be in church!

If i got out and run up and down the road this much EVERY day i’d be back in shape. and i need to be in shape!  oh Monet is doing SOOO good with her training.  i’m very pleased with her. she had ‘set’ down!  she was out to house with me today to see Gary our carpenter.  and Deion tagged along.  I should have done video.  so often in the morning if i haven’t completed my reading and praying and just quiet time i will load up in van and drive out toward house to get away from the noise and distraction here.  Today Deion loaded up to go with me.  i thought how sweet.  until he farted on me the entire time! i had to roll the window down to breath!!  He has been chewing on a dead cow Tim’s been working on a couple of days.

Off to bed with time. it’s midnight. i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy about the time change.~~having extra hr in the evening.~ Spring can’t get here fast enough for me. Winter i’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO done with you!!!!!



March 3rd 2019

Sunday.   it had snowed some last night and this morning and Tim didn’t want to get out on it as it was about 25 degrees all day and the wind blew hard from the north. it felt bitter cold.  going to be 10 degrees tonight.  sorry all my northern friends but that’s COLD for the sunny south.  we have brought most of the dogs inside.  with short hair dogs they can’t take the cold. now Raegan dogs is so hairy he had places to get out of wind and snow and he just lays in it.  she makes him come in at night or he’d just lay out all night.  they have nice covered porch and garage he can get in with warm bed. oh no, he’s lays outside.  crazy thing!

Monet and I are headed to training this Tuesday! Very excited about that! an obedience class with JuJu and Philip.  JuJu out of that Rambo X Tandy litter last oct.   I have been being faithful to make it to conformation training on Thursday night.  it’s a circus! ahahah but we have fun and i think i can tell Winston IS improving.  I’ve been spending so much time with him i have not been getting my girls out and about though.  To tell you the truth i really don’t like the cold weather. His human is back in town for a while so he will be leaving us for a while.

Tonya called last night needing  a rigging for her IV fluids.  dr sent her home with all these bags of fluid and no tubing to get it in the patient.  Praise God i had one in the cabinet.  Tim and i ran it down past Huntsville out of 23 where she lives.  I mean she drove 7 miles off dirt road then 3 miles of high way.  I think her boy is doing better.  she thinks he got into some mouse poison. :+{{{

Monet and Taffy are wrestling in the floor behind me. they are so funny.  i’m so glad Taffy isn’t ugly to her.  they do get rowdy!

OH OHOH my new puppy has been born!! I heard from Clara last night. LonelyCreek’s Turbo Charged. “Theo”  ahahaha after the movie about the snail that wanted to be a race car.  he was born on Friday the 2nd.

The time is about to change again. YEAH more day light!!  hopefully some warmer weather.  So i think i am going to CA the third of this month to deliver a puppy. i am SOOOOOO excited about this!! to meet these nice folks and see how they do their training and all.  I just looked on the map they are only 25 miles from the beach! ahahah you know how much i love the beach.  wiggle my toes down in the sand!

The puppies are doing so good.  it’s to bad it’s way to cold to go outside. They cry for Kelsey to come hold them.  there was  couple of warms day they did go outside.  i think i’ll bring them all here tomorrow to play.  and do some pix and video of them. they are 6 wk old tomorrow!!

I had Brene’ in town with me on Thursday. ahahah uploaded video of us in a thrift store. she found herself a stuff fluffy chicken she was determined to kill. hahahah Brene’ and her toy chicken. We work hard at getting the dogs out and into the stores and meeting the public.  AND having a good time!

oh i did a video of the house. need to upload.  here is link.   So we are excited about being in the house.  We are paying as we go as progress has been not very fast.  but it’s all coming together.  not to say i would’t have liked to been in LAST FALL! ahahah i would have! But God gives us Grace to embrace each season or our lives.

These cinder block walls are cold tonight.  I’ve got two heaters going in here and I was cooking for the dogs tonight in the other room. about 4:30 i put on pot for this evening feeding. they ate it all.   and now I  have about 2-3 gallons of soup I just turned off for the in a.m.  it has several lbs of chicken, 3 lbs of sweet potatoes and rice to make it thick.  Dog love it!  in the summer when i have a garden i use stuff from the garden.  I like that the dogs like my cooking.  :+}  I do season their food.  There are heat lamps over the puppies and they have a dog house they also get in.  that rooms has been staying about 63 degrees.  I can hear the wind blowing outside.  Glad Tim doesn’t have any mommy cows about to calf.  it’s hard on them in this weather.  Tim’s cattle are a bit of a pain. they would come into this room i’m in if i opened the door!  especially the babies.  I took some sweet pix of them yesterday walking out to the house. they follow me around. begging for more feed.  if you don’t keep the gate shut they get out on the dirt road.  then you HAVE to get a bucket of feed to get them back in. hahahah yeah tonight was one of those nights! i had went to hay horses and fill water tanks and break ice and the cattle got out.  and Mr General Lee Tim’s huge bull he has to go over across the road every few days to ck his herd of cows over there.   he’s a funny bull. i’m glad he is so gentle.

Off to bed with me. EXCITING Month ahead!!!!  yeah i’m pretty bummed about Holly and Natalie not taking after the more than $1,000.00 i spent doing those breedings and 2 days going to Springfield MO to see Dr Mallard.  but always have hope for the future!!  now if warmer weather would arrive!

here are a few baby calves to get a smile. the white faced one has white eye lashes and tiny white patches inside her ears. ahahah  fun on the farm.



Feb 24th 2019

I know i know it’s been a while!

Maggie’s litter 5 wks old tomorrow. and doing AMAZING! God i needed an easy litter. and they have been. she is still nursing once a day but that will stop tomorrow. moving them to the side of kennel that has doggie door. it has been pretty cold and rainy the last few MONTHS!!! sorry i was complaining. you know using a Johny on the spot and bathing in a utility sink. praise God for my God children living right down the road i get to go use their shower a couple times a wks. sometimes when they are gone i just soak in Raegan bath tub. uhhhhhh so sweet!!

So the house the house. i feel as if we are INCHING forward. and to someone who likes to run this has been painful and difficult! to say the least. Daddy about has the electric hooked up and Tim is wiring in all the outlets and lights. I love my husband!! and my daddy and my brother too! then the plumbing and heating and air then the dry wall. and we are moving at the pace of our $$ as Tim refusing to barrow a dime. I know i love him. i’d love to be in a real house too.

This cold rainy weather has tired to get me down but not going down!! I’ve been taking this Cerule since the first of December and MAN it’s made a huge difference in my life. Tim says i’m even nicer. ahahah must be the better sleep i’m getting!  I feel like i’m 30 again!! Man i feel GOOD!!  and I love feeling good!

Been working on my book and couldn’t be more excited. my older sister is helping me with editing. my older sister is amazing just amazingly intelligent with almost photographic memory and has read well over a 1,0000 book who better to help me! Thank you God for good friends and family. i have about polished chapter one. i may publish some of it here. ahahaha everything you every wanted to know about horses! and more. no really i’m excited about this book.

I have lesson with Emme and Lilly tomorrow Weather to be 50 and sunny hope not to windy! Last night the wind blew so hard i felt it might blow Tim’s RV away! on my roof off! it did damage the grill beyond repair. :+{ oh well that one is several years old.

Peanut Emme’s pony is coming right along!! Helping these girls with their horse energizes me!! I LOVE IT! Oh Rae and i moved Sunny who was born last May 5th out of pasture away from mummy and down here in pen next to the old milk barn (where i live!) yeah the whelping room and the office the sink and drier and my bedroom are all the same room. :+} GRACE yes God gives us Grace to embrace each season our life. and i need GRACE. I can hear Sunny out their calling to the other horses. he will be fine. he is almost a year old!! way to old to be nursing his mummy. it’s time for his training to begin.

We have Winston bred to Layla as of last wk. So i spent 50.00 on kit to ship sperm and another 116.00 to have it FEDX to us so i could breed her to a GrandChampion and the sperm was no good. 10% is what doctor said. Praise God Winston is visiting!! He has same body type as this boy BAxtor so looking for some Red BRINDLEs. in this litter. If you recall she had 17 last time! well 14 alive and well and i lost 5 of them to CHV. :+{{{ SO after Holly NOR Natalie being pregnant (Natalie had a litter last May) i’m pretty bummed about that!! People waiting on puppies!

OH OH HO Fantastic news!!! Bosch finished his Championship TODAY!!! talk about YEAH!!! Thank you LORD!!!!  SO proud of these folks for making this happen.  it’s a LOT to get your dog to the dog show and pay someone to help you.  very proud of Bosch and his humans Bart and Beverly!!  I wish i could have been there.

OHOHOHOH  i’m buying a puppy. well it’s a secret.  due March the 6th.  a Brindle boy!!  i’m going to name him LonelyCreek’s Turbo Charged and call him Theo after the movie a little snail that had a dream and wouldn’t settle for rotten tomatoes.   Getting him from friend that started her kennel with bullmastiff from us.  and i do so appreciate her!!!  more on that later!! probably when they are born.

Let’s see any more news?? ahaha my life there is always news!!  I may be flying to CA in March to deliver puppy and spend couple of days with really cool lady and ck out her dog business.  have puppy going to WY and Montana was thinking about driving out  but you know the last time i did that (drove to CA) uhhh it’s was RUFF! and i said i’d never do it again!!! ahahaha but my older sister has a place in Boise (as well as KC) so that would be nice to stop and visit her!!  Spring break HERE WE COME!!! Rae already said she was up for road trip.

off to bed with me.  God is SO good and SO Faithful and so wonderful to me (us) I do not deserve his Grace but so grateful for it!!






Feb 3rd 2019

Sunday night. guess it was super bowl sunday.  i did not bother to watch the game.  my interest leave was zero.  I was up here with Maggie and her new litter  2 wk tomorrow night. Maggie is doing SO good.  her last two litters she did not feed her puppies but I put her on straight Life Abundance and she is feeding them. Yeah me!!  it has been pretty easy litter.  i do give a bottle at midnight and they have been letting me sleep til 6  or almost 7 in the morning!  She went into labor 2 wks ago Monday night. was hoping she would go until Tuesday morning as that was her 59 day but it wasn’t to be. we got home at almost 3:30 a.m and i got in bed about 5:00 but had to be up a 7:00 for my day.  I’ve been on this Cerule since first of Dec and it is really making a difference in my life! in my over all health and energy and feeling great even with less sleep.  I’m so thrilled!

Giggles is on Cerule too and she is using the leg with the ACL repair.  i know she is weary of being in a crate.  but it’s good she is healing up.  three wk tomorrow.  Not sure when i last wrote.  Got Holly and Natalie breed. both to Deion AND to Nautilus. both girls were not prefect for the shipped in semen.  so we used Deion for a back up.  Love my Deion. he is so amazing!  he is SUCH a good boy!  I pulled his sperm last wk and it looked excellent! he was 7 last Nov.

It’s warm the last couple of days. we 55 and 63 today!!  yeah!  things are still a bit muddy and more rain and cold weather by Wed next wk.  I got to get Stephy and Cally to the park yesterday and Monet tagged along. what a good puppy she is. Sweet friends met me there to help walk the dogs. They have a boy from us Jaxon that is 4.5 years old. doesn’t seem that long ago he was just a baby.   Monet is going to be so well behaved.  and Stephy and Cally are coming along. Brene is wild.  i mean she loving but doesn’t lead well yet.  Posh hurt her leg so not much leading going on with her.  Got Bunny out last wk and she has gotten FAT.  say it’s not so.  but it’s true. she will not be 2 till Aug. she does NOT need to be fat. since Rita went home to Houston she hasn’t had someone to play with all day long.  Winston came back last wk.  he has matured and i like him. i mean he is BIG and he is a bit long.  if i had a magic wand right? !  i need to get him to vet and weigh him..i may try and get pix of him tomorrow and build him a page on the web site.  i forget now how many points he has. if he wouldn’t have sat down in the ring every time i show him he might have more. :+{{  BUT he should do great at obedience once he matures and settles down.

The house.  hummm the house.  Daddy has been out several time and my brother Bill also.  they are about ready to hook everything up.  Tim was putting in can light last wk by himself. My dad kept asking about ‘recessive lighting” i’m thinking it’s okay. nothing complicated. let’s just get in the house! We did find a great tile layer for the walk in shower down stairs. and one sheetrock guy came in with bit for 14,800.00 i just laughed and said thank you no thank you.  another guy been in business over 30 years came in with a bit for 5,116.00 : SOLD!   now this is just the down stairs (both bids)  i’m sorry i wasted the first guys time.  but when you are almost 10,000.00 more than the other guy i have to wonder.   I should just be happy God is bringing the right people into our lives to get these things done.

Siriacha litter 7 wks old and just had their first shot. they are going outside a doggie door and enjoying  these nicer days.  they all look good and eating like little pigs.  :+}  this week will be Puppy Pack time!! ahahah with Kelsey here i fear no puppy pack!!  my amazing new secretary.  she turns 21 Wed.  and has been a God sent to me!  she’s not speedy but she plays with the puppy about an hour a day.  and she does some dishes and laundry and she make Deion his ‘manly man juice’ in the morning. (bowl of soup with supplements) and anyone else in here i have on supplements she gives those.  AND she is doing data entry for the 2018 income taxes since my sister sent over a computer for us to use.  yeah me! you know how i feel i’d rather be digging a ditch outside then data input!!  I mean i like editing pix and posting stuff on the web site. but not data entry.

Things are going well. i mean we are still in tiny old milk barn sleeping on the concert floor with twin mattress well that’s me. and Tim in RV with no water or potty.  we have a Johny on the spot but everything was so frozen last wk the guy couldn’t clean it.  :+{  glad the weather this Tuesday is going to be over freezing!   one thing i love love love about my help Tracey well lots to love. she is helping me get the young dogs out and teaching them to lead. because they do not know how.! but they are learning.  I love that she is tuff and can get R done.  works outside in the rain and freezing cold.  and then comes in and helps us get the kitchen cleaned or floors swept or anything else that needs done. i’m very grateful to have help!

We made it to church today.  I got a Nest cam so i can ck on the puppies while i’m aways.  that is comforting.  in the new building i’ll have them everywhere.   Tim and I got to sat down and at restaurant and eat after church that was very nice.  Also a joy to get to go to church.  the new Cathedral our church is building is almost done.  it’s beautiful !  i’ll have to get some pix.  it’s a lot of glass.  just lovely architectural design. They had dedication few wks ago but we didn’t get to do. it was SO cold and everyone was outside.  At was Christian Life Cathedral or ClC our church 32 anniversary in Jan also.  we love our church!  we ARE the church. ahahah no church i perfect because it’s full of UNprefect people.  But the church’s mission : “We exist to heal the hurting and equip the Body of Christ to discover and fulfill their God-given destiny”   and Tim and i both have grown while we have been here.  We just love our church!  especially when we are involved in the wednesday  night groups.  I totally believe there is not growth without accountable.  :+} and a friend once said to me.  “Growth is intentional”  ahahah i believe it!@

Jan 16th 2019

Wed  so 2 nights in a row i get to blog.   ahahah well Tim fried me a hamburger patty and it didn’t digest well. so i’m still up.  with bit of upset tummy.  not like me.  Friend dropped off fresh dead cow.  my morning seem already waiting for me.  suppose to have hair cut at 12:15 but…. we will see.  Took Natalie to Springfield MO to do that AI on her with Nautilus semen.  I think so much of my Stephy and Cally!  i’d like a male from this breeding.  she was a 22 SO praying some of these guys are keepers :+}

In my Siriacha litter the pick male popped a hernia.  God sometimes i wonder about these things. a hernia no big deal to pet people but not something you want in a stud dog. I ordered them some small breed puppy kibble and they love it! this has been a tough litter to raise. but they are doing good and growing.  .  I was hoping for an easy litter didn’t happen.  Maggie due next wk.  trying to be in a good frame of mind.  Usually the girls do better every litter i pray she has good milk and feeds them this time.

I was suppose to be up in Springfield by 9:00 but didn’t leave here until almost 8:30.  i did make great time and arrived 10:45 still didn’t get to leave until 1:40   by the time they took lunch and finished with all three girls.  run by Springfield Leather and found a lovely large piece of black leather for leashes. praying get at least 40 leashes out of it and that still put each strip at over $5.00 a strip.  praying i don’t mess up!  The owner was there and walked over to help me.  I ask the first guy “do you work here?” and he said ‘yes” i ask “may i cut this?” indicating the string around the large heavy piece of leather rolled up.  he said NO!  i said well how am i going to inspect the leather unless i can SEE it. I think he must have thought i was going to cut the leather.   I guess the owner recognizes  me and knew i was really buying leather.  ahahah it’s ok.  i  pulled out my pink knife and cut the string and started inspecting the hides as too many cracks or cuts in hide and it ruins the leashes.   i sure hope  made a good choice.  i do so love making nice leashes.  :+}  and this black stuff was top grade latigo leather.  yeah me. wait till Tonya sees it she’s be carrying my leather off!! ahaha  She had 15 puppies today! she busy!!

on the way home i really wanted to stop by the cemetery where my Mamaw and Papaw are buried.  so we did.  Natalie and Posh got out with me first and they ran and ran.  they had one small break when we arrived at clinic but had been in car or crate since 8:30 this morning!  and it was after 4:00. I did some video and uploaded them on the You Tube Channel (SmartSonya)  i so enjoy going to the cemetery.  such a nice place to think.  about life.  and eternity.  about all our toil and struggle in life and we end up planted 6 feet under the dirt in the dirt with dirt in our face..  ashes to ashes i suppose.  from dust you came and to dust you shall return.  about the fact we are the sum total of our choices.  one time years ago a cowboy friend was killed on a horse. we had a mutual  friend, she said the strangest thing after the funeral she said “we must pray God will receive his soul”  i thought ???? uhhhhh it’s not God’s choice where we choose to spend eternity. either you love Father and have giving your life to him or you have not.  there is only one way into heaven and that is thru Jesus Christ.  not good works, not keeping any commandments (the law), not even self sacrifice or rituals or religion .  Jesus died on the cross.  we don’t have to.   I know that Psalm 23 is often recited at funerals.   I often wonder if David didn’t write that Psalm either IN heaven (before he died) or after visiting heaven.  think about it. what comfort what peace these words bring people. what a picture of Father’s undying love to us and for us!!   i love the part where he restores my soul. my soul needs restored. DAILY!! ahahaha soul wounds abound.  the whole ‘rod and staff’  i wonder if that means correction and comfort or law and love.  rod might whack you and staff might save you by snatching you from danger.  i’m going to ask David about then one day. in heaven.  :+}   here is in out of the Passion Translation:

“The Good Shepherd

23 David’s poetic praise to God[a]
The Lord is my best friend and my shepherd.[b]
    I always have more than enough.
He offers a resting place for me in his luxurious love.[c]
    His tracks take me to an oasis of peace, the quiet brook of bliss.
That’s where he restores and revives my life.[d]
    He opens before me pathways to God’s pleasure
    and leads me along in his footsteps of righteousness[e]
    so that I can bring honor to his name.
Lord, even when your path takes me through
    the valley of deepest darkness,
    fear will never conquer me, for you already have!
    You remain close to me and lead me through it all the way.
    Your authority is my strength and my peace.[f]
    The comfort of your love takes away my fear.
    I’ll never be lonely, for you are near.
You become my delicious feast
    even when my enemies dare to fight.
    You anoint me with the fragrance of your Holy Spirit;[g]
    you give me all I can drink of you until my heart overflows.
So why would I fear the future?
    For your goodness and love pursue me all the days of my life.
    Then afterward, when my life is through,
    I’ll return to your glorious presence to be forever with you!”  

Jan 15th 2019

Tuesday.  I’m listening to a the sound of ocean waves softly assault the sandy beach of some lovely island and faint piano music in the back ground.  what a lovely sound.  Sometime when i think about heaven and how really real it’s going to be. people do not understand how GOOD our God really is.  If you like to ride horses or paint or play music there will be more than enough time in heaven to do all those things.  heaven is real.  it’s a real place you live a literal life.  you can taste, touch, sing, run, dance, jump, pick flowers,  play with a dinosaur have one for a pet if you like! a place where all your beloved pets are waiting for you to arrive so they can show you around.  a place where the paths and roads lead somewhere.  ahahahah really!  oh and then there’s Jesus.  i’ve heard the flowers pluck them selves up out of the ground and run after him as they sing sweet songs of praise to him just to be in his presence..  I’ve had several people lately contact me because their dog is dying or just passed.  Death is our ENEMY!  God never created us to die.  that’s why it’s foreign it feels all wrong.  and our hearts bleed in pain and grief when someone is taken from here.  oh but God.    our Good God. he has prepared a place for us! a wonderful place beyond.  ahahah i should name a dog BEYOND!!!  beyond.  beyond your wildest dreams.  yeah that’s my Good God!!

I had a man come today to give estimate on dry wall.  or sheet rock or what ever they call it.  14,800.00  uhhh yeah. just the down stairs.  that was about twice as much as i had thought.  maybe i should pray a little harder before i call someone else.  i’m sure the man is very good and probably worth it but i’m going to look around.  that’s more than i have in my house fund right now!  Tim and daddy still have not wired the house.  got to get that done first. and the rest of the plumbing.  we have a great plumber in Huntsville very good and very reasonable.  I think when we get the house done it will be worth twice as much as we have in.  the dry wall guy was very impressed with Gary’s work. very impressed. we are SO blessed to have this man building our house. the dry wall guy kept commenting on how this was done right and that was done right.  I smile because Gary is not just building us a house he is serving his GREAT God.  :=+} and he understanding he will receive a reward in heaven for ever nail hammered every board placed when we do things to the glory of God.

We got some gravel today to help combat the mud today. i feel as if i live in Mudville.  really!  i cried the other night just trying to walk up the hill to get in van to go somewhere. i know better than to pull down close to the barn (and get stuck).   the barn i’m living in right now. oh Tim and Tracey blew in insulation in the ‘attic’ the last two days and it’s way warmer in here!  yeah! cinder block wall.  can be cold.  we have one more dry day then rain again.  I think Arkansas is one of the top states in the USA for rain.  i’ll have to look that up for fact ck. . and i love our lakes and rivers and creeks.  just weary a bit of all the mud.  it was almost 50 degrees today and sunny.  the sun set was lovely as Taffy and I got to take a walk. we were opening gates for Tim to drive tractor thru and feed cattle on both sides of the road. he had to take a cow to the vet earlier in the day that just had a calf few days ago and didn’t clean her afterbirth out good.  he didn’t have great day and when he got home he put a rope around the calf’s neck and drug it cross the road to put it back in the pasture the calf fighting him the entire way.  ahahah he was so mad fighting with that calf.  i could see him out the window.  ahahah he came stomping in this building slamming doors.  I just stay out of the way.  I’ve learned a long time ago not to insist he have some kind of good attitude.  we have to choose that for ourselves.  or not. He was better by dinner time today. and we had nice evening together. in the tank room. with three dogs as we sat over Monet crate doubling as our  table and ate some deer steak i fried up.  As difficult as this season has been i’m sure we will one day look back and have some fond feelings of our time here.  together.  somehow in this place. this getting ready for our REAL home (heaven) place if we manage to do our best and love one another i don’t think on the other side it’s going to matter what kind of house we lived in.  Speaking of house I had to mail Monet’s breeder some paper work today as it had been returned “undeliverable as addressed” i got one number wrong on the zip.  so i looked it up on the web and man  Monet should have stayed out there in UT.  i mean this house was a DREAM…  so many windows!!  i mean this house was almost 6,000 square feet of delicious architecture and brick and multiple roof lines and land scaling and patios, gardens  and windows! i smile.  i had myself a good time just looking at all the pix of it.  :+}  Mo knows she’s well loved here.  not sure living there she could run down to the woods and chew on old horse parts or cow guts or eat fresh cow patties.  :+}  yeah they have a lovely house. i pray they have a happy home.  to be able to be happy for others is a precious thing.  a Godly thing.  it causes God to smile.

Siriacha litter all doing good and growing. they are on raw meat and raw goats milk.  and  NOT eating poop. thank you Lord.     Maggie due Tuesday next wk.  she is getting big.  Got Natalie blood numbers today and she was ready to breed. just as Deion said. he has howled all day for her.  The only way we get progesterone  is to over night to DVM in Tulsa it’s afternoon before we get results the next day. she was 9.8 YESTERDAY  so Marcus did over night Natuilus sperm  to put in at Dr Mallard’s in the morning.  but praise God we got a good tie with Deion late this afternoon.  it wasn’t the breeding i thought i was going to do. but my man Deion!!  always ready  to help out! and make puppies.  Natalie is Holly half sister on Sire side and close cousin on mummy side. SO  i loved Holly litter  a couple of things i would have changed.  but loved the head, bone and over all squareness and heavy muscled bodied and nice consistent litter also.  we will see soon enough.  i’ve been wanting to run up to Springfield MO to buy leather for leashes any way.  so i’m off to the big city tomorrow.  i love my life.  most of the time. sometime i set and cry. ahahah, it’s true.  but i’ve learned to never allow myself to feel sorry for myself.   then i get happy to be alive. happy to have friends with a shower and a tub! (bathing in a utility sink right now)   to be a part of this whole  cosmos this whole grand opportunity to choose God.  sometime i get close to my dreams but seem so terrible busy paying the bills they often seem just out of reach.  i do know what is within my reach;  people.  and loving people.  with God’s help i can do that.  :+}  Jesus said this in Matthew 25 he tells this story.  interesting story. as it would seem our eternal dwelling place depends on how we treat others.

from the Passion translation

The Judgment of the Multitudes

31 “When the Son of Man appears in his majestic glory, with all his angels by his side, he will take his seat on his throne of splendor, 32 and all the nations will be gathered together before him.[j] And like a shepherd who separates the sheep from the goats, he will separate all the people. 33 The ‘sheep’ he will put on his right side and the ‘goats’ on his left. 34 Then the King will turn to those on his right and say, ‘You have a special place in my Father’s heart. Come and experience the full inheritance of the kingdom realm that has been destined for you from before the foundation[k] of the world! 35 For when you saw me hungry, you fed me. When you found me thirsty, you gave me something to drink. When I had no place to stay, you invited me in, 36 and when I was poorly clothed, you covered me. When I was sick, you tenderly cared for me, and when I was in prison you visited me.’

37 “Then the godly will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty and give you food and something to drink? 38 When did we see you with no place to stay and invite you in? When did we see you poorly clothed and cover you? 39 When did we see you sick and tenderly care for you, or in prison and visit you?’

40 “And the King will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you cared for one of the least important of these my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you demonstrated love for me.’

41 “Then to those on his left the King will say, ‘Leave me! For you are under the curse of eternal fire that has been destined for the devil and all his demons. 42 For when you saw me hungry, you refused to give me food, and when you saw me thirsty, you refused to give me something to drink. 43 I had no place to stay, and you refused to take me in as your guest. When you saw me poorly clothed, you closed your hearts and would not cover me. When you saw that I was sick, you didn’t lift a finger to help me, and when I was imprisoned, you never came to visit me.’

44 “And then those on his left will say, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty and not give you food and something to drink? When did we see you homeless, or poorly clothed? When did we see you sick and not help you, or in prison and not visit you?’

45 “Then he will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you refused to help one of the least important among these my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you refused to help and honor me.’ 46 And they will depart from his presence and go into eternal punishment. But the godly and beloved ‘sheep’ will enter into eternal bliss.”

and that my friend is something to think about.

Jan 6th 2019

Sunday!  yeah we got to make it to church today.  it was SOOO wonderful!!  We were a few min late but still so happy to be there!!

The Siriacha litter has all moved thru this illness.  thank GOD!!  i’m glad i stayed home with them this weekend. i mean sad i missed the show i spent almost 300.00 signing up for!  Still happy for my baby dogs all really feeling good and even climbing out of the box!  yeah puppies!

So something happens these last couple days. I had a person tell me that my dogs didn’t have enough pigment, not enough bone, oh too long of noses and to long in their body.  it wasn’t just once it’s like this person pounding me with his critique and criticism and told me i was “breeding trash”.  As much as i would like to say it didn’t bother me,  it did. Not because any of it was true.  oh yes and  that my dogs were “Easty Westy” meaning their front feet turn out.  None of which is true. i tried taking pix of current litter which was beautiful  puppies with SO much pigment their faces were totally black, couldn’t have darker eyes and even their paws were dark with nice dark ears.  You couldn’t have asked for more bone  and they were nice and square. and not any of them were “Easty -Westy”  but i suppose the truth didn’t matter.  he told me i was “kennel’ blind. i guess what hurt my feelings is i like this person and it hurt that he decided to ‘cut me down to size’ what ever size that was in his eyes.  i struggled  with NOT defending myself against false accusations.  Let my puppies speak for themselves.  and i’m not saying every puppy born here is headed to be a BIS dog or even a champion. Not at all.  But the truth that some people are really NOT your friend.  that is what hurt me.  I thought about it most of the day and decided it’s true.  Everyone is not going to be happy for you or celebrate your success.  and i need to be okay with this.  made me think about the Rich Mullins song “Elijah” the line in it that goes ” There’s people been friendly, but they’d never be your friend Sometimes this has bent me to the ground”    So i ask myself after thinking we reap what we sow where have I been too quick to point out others faults ? or be overly  critical of someone else’s breedings.  May we endeavor to walk in GRACE.    Even in Grace for those that thru there eyes perhaps feels i’m out to ruin the Bullmastiff breed and all my dogs need shot as not to pass any of their DNA.   yeah.  my husband was upset that i was so hurt.  he keeps telling me to move on.  and this afternoon i decided to do exactly that.  I’m not saying don’t have people around you that are willing to speak the truth (in love) but friends don’t attack you and insult you and try to tear you down.  I’ll say no thank you to those ‘friends’ and go back to my happy life.   I can choose to be happy here I don’t have to wait till i’m on the other side!! Although heaven is our Real home!!

it’s midnight. got to get some sleep. up early to feed puppies again.

Jan 4th 2019

poppas ahahah i put 2018   funny to think last year 18 felt odd!

All the puppies from the 27 are gone home except Faith and Blue Boy Layla litter the nicest male in the litter.  he is going to be really nice big heavy boy like Deion his grand sire.

So this new litter is 3 wks old tomorrow. the don’t really look or act 3 wks old. i lost one girl about a wk ago to pneumonia. i thought maybe i had aspirated her with milk then another one got sick.  now ALL of them are on meds and in an oxygen tent! but they all have moved thru it and coming-out on the other side. Praise GOD!  I fired Siriacha a long time ago so when i feed them i just set with them a while. until they go to sleep on my legs before i put them back in their individual crates.  they are old enough to be climbing out of box but they are not even climbing out of crates yet.  thinking by Monday they will be.  being sick throughs you behind on development.  but they will catch up. one boy the only fawn in the litter never really got sick.  I was suppose to be in Glen Rose TX at a dog show but couldn’t bring myself to leave this litter in anyone’s care.  so i just lost my almost 300.00 sign up fees.  i sure missed getting to go but there will always be another dog show.  and Rae was going to get to go with me. it about 425 miles one way south of Ft Worth. and it was to be 65 n sunny tomorrow.  i was so looking forward to going to some of the dinosaur parks with the dogs!

Tim’s brother’s only daughter came in for a wk with her husband and 2 girls.  we have been up there several nights to play with them.  what sweet kids! we have had a big time playing cards (taught them my fav spend card game triple Solitaire)  then showed them how to play it! ahahahah  my niece’s husband was as competitive as i am and we tore it up. ahahaha as a child my birth mother played cards with her friend. i mean they stayed up ALL night long and played card. they played one game that you put 3 or 4 decks together!  when i got old enough to learn to play don’t think they were ever nice and allowed me to win. OH NO. i learned to really play. so after spending years getting whopped up on i learned to play.  i only have one first cousin that can beat me at this game. ehehehe it’s a family things.  We sure had a good time!

the house.  Well i’ve been out there 2 or 3 times this wk.  working on the upstairs.  there are 2X4 along some walls and it is inching forward.  Tim has finally allowed me to have about what i want upstairs and i’m very excited about it.  i thought we were going with mini splits but heat and air guy came out today and has about talked Tim into going conventional.  hummmmmmm any way.  we will see how this turns out. i need to do another video and up load it.

Maggie is pg.  at ultra sound dr thought she saw 9  bringing her inside Monday. i mean they all have inside a barn with dogs house stuffed full of straw and door on it under roof but i want her close.  oh i didn’t tell you last Thursday Natalie had ER surgery! SCREAM  i could have lost her.  she had eating so much wood and string it couldn’t leave the small intestine. Dr Hokett saved her life!!  yah it was a lot of money but i’m so happy she is doing great!  eating and playing i took the stitches out yesterday

It’s almost midnight i need to get in bed. last night i fed at 2:00 and laid down before 3:00 and was still just laying there at 4:00 knowing i had to get up early and feed again and work all day.    BUT i’ve found this cool new product that is helping with the stress of not enough sleep in my life at times.  i LOVE this product. i mean i LOVE this product!  i’ve done Spirulina and Chlorella and wheat grass and other grasses/greens  for years but this stuff is different it’s also made  from Blue Green Algae but they have identified the stuff in it that causes stem cells to be released from your bones that go through out your body and get to work on REPAIRS!!!  i guess it’s working. . i have several of the dogs on it too.  i’m feeling pretty good!  here is web site with video that explains it. my next order should be here tomorrow.  Cerule    i’ll keep you updated.  ahahah so Tonya sees i’m liking it and has to have some. she rushes right over and highjacks a bottle! yesterday she came walking into the barn and says i feel GREAT!!!  she said “i feel like i could jump over a wall!”  ahahaha  she looked good too.  we both suffer from lack of sleep at times with new born puppies.

Oh Got my ONE WORD from God for the year.  my lower lip kind of quivers when i say it out loud.  “humility’  i guess because i have a long long ways to go before i look much like Jesus.  just thought about this verse in Philipians 2 so i copies several verses of it below.  Paul talking about walking in love and humility and how Christ did that NOT as God but as a MAN on this earth.  you know i’ve come to believe Jesus wasn’t born KNOWING he was the son of God he had to learn that. and accept that. or not., it was his choice.    he didn’t do any of his miracles as the ‘son of God” but as a MAN  using only power available to any and all of us.  here is Philippians 2 out of the Passion Translation Bible

“So I’m asking you, my friends, that you be joined together in perfect unity—with one heart, one passion, and united in one love. Walk together[c] with one harmonious purpose and you will fill my heart with unbounded joy.

Be free from pride-filled opinions, for they will only harm your cherished unity. Don’t allow self-promotion to hide in your hearts, but in authentic humility put others first and view others as more important than yourselves. Abandon every display of selfishness. Possess a greater concern for what matters to others instead of your own interests. And consider the example that Jesus, the Anointed One, has set before us. Let his mindset become your motivation.

The Example of Jesus Christ

He existed in the form of God, yet he gave no thought to seizing equality with God as his supreme prize.Instead he emptied himself of his outward glory by reducing himself to the form of a lowly servant. He became human! He humbled himself and became vulnerable, choosing to be revealed as a man and was obedient.He was a perfect example, even in his death—a criminal’s death by crucifixion!

Because of that obedience, God exalted him and multiplied his greatness! He has now been given the greatest of all names!

10 The authority of the name of Jesus causes every knee to bow in reverence! Everything and everyone will one day submit to this name—in the heavenly realm, in the earthly realm, and in the demonic realm.[11 And every tongue will proclaim in every language: “Jesus Christ is Lord Yahweh, bringing glory and honor to God, his Father!”


May we bow our knee to him willing here on this side of eternity.  :+}  oh yeah and my word (i ask for a word but didn’t expect this!) let us bow in humility.




Dec 25th 2018

uhhh Christmas!!  My heart is happy and content.  Last night driving to Goshen to meet a lady to purchase a couple of 36 inch crates I was over come with gratitude for all the goodness of God toward me/us.  the only thing i long for is to have my grandchildren back.  Tim left at 5:00 a.m Monday morning headed to St Louis to be with them for Christmas.  He’s headed back tomorrow.  I talked to him tonight and he said they had a good 4 hrs together.

So Siriacha had her litter wk ago Sat via C Section after hours of course.  ahahah it’s an extra $75.00  but it’s nice not to have so many other people there.  we did have help and Rae first cousin Lilly who is 12 almost 13 has been helping me. she went with me.  she was great help!!  Siriacha had 3 males 3 females.  they were doing pretty good till yesterday.  started pooping grey diarrhea uggg.  i fired Siriacha today. she wasn’t feeding them any way. i think what milk she was giving wasn’t any good.  so it’s just me and the bottle full of raw goats milk.  6 isn’t difficult after feeding 27!!  6 is  a breeze. ahahaha  Tonya brought me food and some meds for puppies and some magic water that comes out of her 4,000.00 water machine.  i really like the water but i’m not spending that kind of $$$ on a machine.  just not.  but it’s sure helped the puppies hydrate.  only one boy still struggling a bit today after tubing them fluids all day.

Ran down to ck on Eve and Sunny my baby horse.  everyone great down there.  loaded another bale of hay for Harley and Ace and got a long hot shower at Rae’s house.  I know God told me at the beginning of this “I give you GRACE to embarrass every season of your life”  well i just wasn’t thinking this season was going to be this LONG!  i’m so grateful for a shower or hot bath ever few days at River and Raegen’s house.  the house DOES now have stairs going up to “Sonyaville”  all 1200 square feet is MINE. ahahah!  daddy about to put in electric then we sheet rock.  our builder suppose to go into hospital next wk. and he’s a one man show!!  ahahah  but we are moving at about the pace of our money as  we are paying as we go to do stuff.  not borrowing anything.  i am so excited about having extra rooms for guests!!

Not sure i’ve blogged since i got Monet from that Salt Lake city litter.  love   yeah i’m in love.  except when she tries to get on my bed.  i’m pretty fast in the morning as soon as i jump up i roll up my sleeping bag around my pillow and put on tall shelf.  then pick up mattress and lean against the wall.  keeps little feet off my bed!  ive posted serval pix of Monet on fb page.  she was with me last night riding shoot gun in Tim’s truck to pick up those crates.

i don’t know why but i wanted a pizza last night and thought the gas station might be closed but they were not.  ahahah i know silly things.  just like the johnny  on the spot guy that comes once a week (when the stuff isn’t frozen hard as a rock) and sucks out the well you know, poop and blue water… he hung the toilet paper correctly ONCE  ahahah it only happened once but hey it made my day.   We call the johnny the “green box”.  i’ve lined the seat with a fuzzy purple seat cover (that gets washed often) so you don’t freeze to the seat when it’s below freezing outside.  this season of my life!

I went out to the house today.  i usually only get out there once a wk.  i was so consumed with the 27 puppies  that’s all i could do was take care of puppies and customers! So we have all been writing on the walls and beams and 2X4 different scriptures.  Tim’s mom and brother and even our builder is sweet Christian man.  ahahah I wrote on the top step today

Psalm 37:23 New International Version (NIV)

23 The Lord makes firm the steps
of the one who delights in him;


We want to cover this walls and floors with the Word of God.

Had a lovely lady fly in Sunday and we got to spend some time together before she fly back out. what a delightful day we had!!  Deion went with me and when we stopped by Attwood (kind of a country, hardware, tack, feed store) it took me 20 minutes to make it to the back of the store to the bathroom for folks stopping me to talk about him.  ahahah i forgot what an outstanding example of the breed he is.  and such a love!

This is the third dog they have gotten from me.  I have to smile.  what a great family.  when they text about wanting another dog I text back “now you need to think about this.  it will change the pack structure to bring in another puppy.  I want you to pray about this”  the next day i received a text “we have prayed about it and we want a puppy” ahahahaha who am i to say no.  puppy is going to be well cared for.

I need to give bottle or i’d set here and write all night.  I don’t think a day goes by i don’t think about getting my horse book published. it’s not ready! but i know i’m suppose to be working on it.  oh guess what ?!  i have help!!! God sent me the prefect helpers. 2 of them.  and just in time. i was about worn out after those 27 puppies!  Kelsey helps me in the office and Tracey has been scooping and watering and stuff like that outside.  and Tracey helps keep me on tract and get me places on time.  we make a great team. and she even does dishes!!  Praise GOD!!! i’m singing for JOY JOY JOY. oh yes and my sweet Joy usually come once about every wk to catch me up on somethings.  God is so good to me!!  off to give another bottle and get some sleep.  ahahah if any of you saw my fb post “I got 8 hr of sleep!! it took me 3 days but i did it!”   about sums up my life at times.

I didn’t even get Christmas cards out this year.  i’m so sad! i just hate missing an opportunity to say hello and send a blessing !  I love getting Christmas cardS!!  i just didn’t even have  a door to hang them on this year.  NEXT YEAR!!  and if’ i’ve moved to heaven i’m sure i’ll have Christmas cards hanging on my front door up there!!    :+}  you know heaven is our REAL home.  we just a passing thru down here.  getting ready.  for the REAL thing.  so Merry Christmas !!  ahahah even thought Jesus wasn’t burn in Dec it’s great to stop and reflect.  and always good to celebrate. LIFE and Love.  i think the beauty of Christmas is our hearts longing for heaven.  where things are white, clean and pure. where we have Peace and we all get along.  where we LOVE one another and happily give gifts with no thought of getting.  :+}  yep  i’ve heard from a reliable source there is place in heaven called “Christmas town”  if you ever want to visit.  just let your imagination take you there.  horses that can talk to you happy pulling sleighs down snow covered roads thru decorated trees.  and gifts everywhere.  wrapped with love and care.  where we honor one another and delight to be together.  The warm feeling in your heart is Father’s love.    He is that good.  :+} if you can’t agree it’s just because you know him!